Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The ABC's of Thanks: 'I'

I spy with my little eye... things I'm thankful for that start with 'I'.

Hmmm... this might be a bit more difficult!

  • Ice cream
  • Instructions from God in His word.
  • Icicles- so pretty!
 Icicles hanging from our house during last winter's snow.
  • Inchworm in the form of Baby Boy as he 'army crawls' from room to room.
  • Ideas from Pinterest and other bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest if you're so inclined!
  • Ideas that God gives me that enable me to more creatively stretch our budget.
  • Identity in Christ.
  • Immovable God.
  • Imperfections that force reliance on a perfect Savior.
  • Irises, especially purple ones.
The letter 'I'. What are you thankful for? 

1 comment:

Katie said...

Enjoying this series, Mary Ann! =)
What a great list!! I especially love "identity in Christ" and "imperfections that force reliance on a perfect Savior". Wonderful!

I would add:

Inspiration of and from God's Word
Interesting blogging friends
Iowa friends
Improvement in all areas of life
Italian Ice treats in the summer
Independence of our nation

Fun! This reminds me of playing one of my old favorite games: Scattergories. What a great theme!