Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The ABC's of Thanks: 'B'

What I'm thankful for that starts with 'B':

  • My family-- the B***** family.
  • Babies
  • Broccoli--It's good for us!!!
  • Bible
  • Books
  • Blogging/blogs
  • Bargains-- Thanking God for the deals He provided on eggs, cheese and bananas this morning!
  • Berries--Yum!
  • Butter--It's yummy and I'm thankful that organic butter's a recommended good fat so we eat it with no regrets!!!
  • Beauty all around us that God created.
  • Black dog.:-)
  • Budgets--They help us stay on track!
  • Blessings--Way too many to count!
  • Becky--My wonderful sister-in-law!
  • Brownies
  • Blizzards-- Love the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard this time of year!
  • Bacon--Everything tastes better with bacon!
What are you thankful for today that starts with the letter 'B'?


    gail said...

    what a great idea for the month of November. i'm thankful for my
    *books and bookstores

    and i'm with you on bacon and brocolli =)

    love those fabric pumpkins you made too. too cute! i thot about doing that this fall, but never got around to it.

    Katie said...

    Love this series! I'll try to chime in now and then!

    I'm thankful for:

    and now...
    Bedtime! :-)