Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5 Things

This summer has been a fun and happy blur. We've been busy living life--I think about blogging but haven't done much of it in a couple of months!

So here's a quick post: 5 things going on in our lives!

  1. My husband turned 40 on Saturday. We had a big party that was really fun. This was a huge celebration because when he was born, he wasn't supposed to live very long. After a few years, they said he might live until his 20's. Well, we are so happy he is 40 and lives a healthy and full life. No over the hill black doom and gloom junk here!
  2. A yellow jacket stung me on the playground at work today. Ouch! It hurt for a while--just a little tender now. Thankfully, I'm not allergic. 
  3. Rock, the Cherished Dog, has learned to open the door from the outside. It's a door that needs to be really pushed shut to latch completely. So we put Rock out and a little while later, he is back in the house and the door is standing open. He has his own doggy door. LOL
  4. Melon--we've been eating a lot of it this summer. It is so good. I'm convinced that a  bowl of chilled cantaloupe or watermelon is the perfect accompaniment to almost any summer meal. 
  5. When we bought our house 2 years ago, there was a big above ground pool in the backyard. We did not want the pool. As far as we are concerned, pools are way too much work and a liability. So we took it out immediately. Which left a big hole in the yard. (The pool was partially dug in to the ground as well so the hole was much deeper on one side than the other.)  Then we priced dirt. Whoever said, "Cheap as dirt" hasn't had to fill a pool hole recently. We finally found someone to bring us dirt and do the work for a reasonable price. It was still more than we wanted to pay but the job got done. Our "pool hole" was a great conversation piece for 2 years. "What are you going to put in that hole?"  "Wouldn't that make a good fire pit?" "You should make an herb garden." You could just plant a garden in there!" "Are you ever going to fill that hole?" Well. Now it's filled with dirt and we stand at the window admiring it! It just looks so much nicer. LOL
Before the hole was filled....
And after! Much better! Once the deck is rebuilt, which is next on the list, this dirt area will probably be made into a simple patio area as well as maybe a flower and herb garden.

What's going on in your life this summer?