Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The ABC's Of Thanks: 'H'

Today, we think about blessings that begin with 'H'!

  • My dad, whose name starts with 'H'.
  • Helpful Husband who went grocery shopping at Aldi's for me today!
  • Healing-- We have both received physical and spiritual healing this year. So thankful!
  • Ham--yum!
  • Hope--God's hope that does not disappoint!
  • Home
  • Heaven
  • Health
  • Hymns--While I enjoy all kinds of Christian music, I love the old hymns, especially instrumentals.
  • Hobby Lobby--Love this store!
What words that begin with 'H' come to your mind? 

1 comment:

tea said...

I enjoyed reading these. It made me happy to hear that you guys have experienced healing this year!

I agree with so many of the ones you posted..hmmm, what else am I thankful for that begins with H....
good Health, Help from the Lord, Heat to keep us warm during the winter months.