Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our $20 Couch

This is the $20 love seat that we found at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. It came complete with the slipcover which washed up pretty nicely.

We'd been checking thrift stores, Craigs List  and yard sales for a love seat because our old one was broken and had become more like a rocker than a couch!

We were so happy to come across this one for such a good price! And they were glad to deliver!

(I didn't notice until I uploaded the picture here how rumpled the slipcover looks! Clearly, I should've straightened it better before the picture. Oh well... it's the "lived-in" look!)

I always amazed at the great deals we are able to find second hand.

Have you scored any amazing thrift store, yard sale or hand-me-down treasures recently?


Debbie J said...

Wow! I love it. I would love that in my family room. You got a deal on that one.

gail said...

we bought a small sofa from craigs list when we moved into this apt. its the perfect apt sized sofa and been great while we have been here. but once we move out, i'll be looking for a larger size. miss being able to nap on the sofa on a lazy sunday afternoon.

Mary Ann said...



It's really worn and ugly under that slipcover! But extremely sturdy and comfortable!

Mary Ann said...


There's nothing like stretching out on a full-sized couch.:-) We also have a large couch in our living room. Hope you find just the right couch when you need it!