Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Orange Smiles

Even though oranges are really at the end of their season right now, we've been enjoying them recently.

We love clementines and grapefruit, but could take or leave regular oranges most of the time. But a couple of weeks ago, I had a Cara Cara orange while at the women's retreat. Yum! It tasted like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit and was a nice reddish hue inside.

While at Costco last week, I noticed 8 pound bags of Cara Cara oranges for $7.99. I try to keep most of my fruit prices at or below $1 a pound so I scooped up a bag.

These aren't as red as the orange I had previously but the flavor is just as deep and delicious.  I like to toss a few in the fridge so we can eat them chilled. What a delicious cool treat with the unusually warm weather we've been having!

My mom would always cut our oranges into "smiles" for our school lunches. We loved not having to peel oranges but rather being able to eat them right off the rind. Orange smiles were more fun to eat, too, and we would often wedge the rinds up over our teeth for goofy orange smiles!

This is a  simple childhood memory but one I always think of whenever we eat oranges. It's no wonder that cutting oranges into "smiles" is my favorite way to slice and serve oranges!

That's the way Mom always did it!

What about you? Do have a favorite food memory to share? 


DarcyLee said...

I had my first blood orange about a week ago that my husband brought home for me. They are much more flavorful than a regular orange and are blood-red inside. Very good.

Mary Ann said...

Darcy Lee,

Yes, I guess these would be a type of blood orange as well. They are so good!