Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cooking With Beef Fat

When I made beef stew last week, I skimmed the fat off the broth and saved it.

Nothing new there. I've read how wonderful it is for cooking and that it's a good fat, so I always save it. Since I am frugal and all and can't bear to throw anything away that might possibly be used for something.

But this time, I actually used it!

I cooked scrambled eggs and sauteed green peppers in the beef fat instead of butter. I put  a generous spoonful into cooked pinto beans and used it for Friday's stir fry. 

I must say it added delicious flavor to everything I used it for. I plan to save it and actually use it again. It's a frugal alternative and stretches my butter and coconut oil supply.

I use mostly grass-fed and good quality meats so I feel more comfortable using the fat from those than the typical grocery store variety.

I remember my dad talking about a time he bit into a delicious-looking piece of pie at a potluck only to discover that the cook had used chicken fat to make the pie crust. I can only imagine how that tasted! Ewww!

That being said, I think it's important to match the fat with the type of recipe I'm creating. A meaty flavored fat or lard will probably not be the best flavor combo for most desserts. :-) I'll continue to use butter or coconut oil for those. On the flip side, some folks may not like the flavor of coconut oil in their meat or main dishes.

Just in case anyone is concerned!


Ann Minard said...
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Ann Minard said...

Oops, didn't grammar/spell check! I said, how excited I was to see cooks/chefs returning to using all of the meat we consume especially the most flavorful part being the fat!

The Working Home Keeper said...

I save the drippings from pastured bacon for seasoning greens. I should start saving the fat from grass-fed beef. One of the vendors at our farmers' market, sells cookies made from rendered pastured pork fat. They are actually pretty yummy!

Mary Ellen

Mary Ann said...

Mary Ellen,

Yes, bacon drippings make everything better! Those cookies sound interesting. Maybe with proper rendering, the fat doesn't taste 'meaty"?

Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Ann said...


As I've been studying and practicing more of the traditional methods of cooking, I believe one of the main reasons my husband's been on board has been that everything is full-fat. Everything is so much tastier than all the low-fat, non-fat junk. The fat is where the flavor is! :-)

Thanks for visiting!

Lyn said...

I have started to do this also. I didn't used to, but now find that keeping bacon fat aside and even using a little of the fat skimmed from cooking meat does add a nice flavor! I especially love doing this with chicken for chicken soup.

TJ said...

You give some good idea's. Thanks