Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harris Teeter Triples

It's triple coupon time at Harris Teeter this week! There are many good deals to be found this time around, so if you have a Harris Teeter store nearby, I'd recommend that you make a trip!

And take your coupon box with you-they're tripling manufacturer's coupons up to $.99 face value!

My trip this morning was quite profitable-I got all that's pictured for $2.96! Before coupons, my total was just over $40!

So as not to reinvent the wheel, I won't be making a complete list of what coupons I used and exactly how much everything cost. Southern Savers and Coupon Teacher have already done that for us!

Unless there is a screaming good deal otherwise, for a triples trip, I focus solely on using coupons that are less than $1 face value. I then look for items that will be free or nearly free or things that I really need and would be less expensive bought with a triple coupon than the everyday price with only a doubled coupon(since Harris Teeter doubles up to $.99 every day).

For this trip, I was really looking for pasta and brown rice since I was almost out of both. I also had a number of Barilla pasta and various rice coupons to use.

All of the pasta was FREE or $.10 each and the various rice packets/boxes were all FREE. I paid $.94 a bag for the Mahatma rice since that was a really good deal for something I would buy anyways! I paid $.74 cents for 3 organic apples that were on the marked down rack and I believe the other items were FREE!

I still have gobs of coupons I could use,since I didn't really get very far out of the pasta and rice aisle today, so I may make another trip or two during this sale. There is a limit of 20 coupons per customer per day and since we want Harris Teeter to continue offering these great coupon events, I feel we should do our best to play by the rules! (Also, I think that the number of coupons you use is linked to your VIC card so the computer will not triple anymore than that.)

Happy Shopping!

And if you've already been to the triple coupon sale, let us know how you did in the comments section!

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