Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Changing Seasons

The seasons, they are changing. And not just from summer to fall, either. We are going through changes here at our house and in our lives.

(I just about wrote I am going through a change, but thought that might be taken as if I'm going through The Change. Thankfully, I am not about to enter That Season quite yet!)

Now that I'm not taking care of kids anymore, here's what I'll be focusing on for this next season:

--Better daily planning and organization for my home.

--Continue working on increasing a healthy diet.


--More time with God. Just enjoying time with Him.

--More consistent cleaning. This has really gone by the wayside lately!

--More intentional with hospitality.

--Yard work and home improvement projects. I have a lot of painting I need to do!

--Bring in a little income by doing more coupon workshops(I did my first this summer.) and selling my handmade items at local events and in my own Etsy shop(coming soon!).

--Blogging. I should have a bit more time to blog consistently which I am happy about!

--Laying around the mansion!:-)

1 comment:

Wendi said...

Laying around the mansion sounds great. That needs to be added to my list. lol The next season sounds fun, enjoy!