Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cleaning Your Husband's Closet

It's been a while since we went through Andy's clothes so his closet and dresser drawers were due for a cleaning!

While doing laundry, I had noticed that some items were in need of replacement and Andy's dad had recently given him a huge bag of shirts! So it was time to see what all was in there. :-)

I have no idea what fits well and which items he really likes, so I wanted to wait until he was around to tackle this project!

When sorting clothes, I ask these three questions:

1)Is it still in good condition? If not,meaning it is stained or otherwise worn, throw it on the trash pile.

2)Have I worn this in the past year?

3) Do I like this article of clothing?

Our closets are small and storage space at a premium. There is no reason to keep things we do not wear or even like.

--First, we went through the closet, pulling out everything that answered 'no' to the previous three questions.

--Then, we sorted through the new-to-him clothes and added those that were 'yes' answers to the closet.

--Next, we tackled the dresser drawers. My husband and I share a dresser, so we each have three drawers. This works well and keeps clutter to a minimum.

--Lastly, we made a short list of any new items that need to be purchased.

Helpful tip: Your husband may be more inclined to help sort his clothes if he can watch a game while he's doing this chore. I just pulled the drawers one at a time into the living room so we could watch the Cubs game while getting this done!

We were finished with both the closet and the dresser drawers within an hour!

Since we tend to wear warmer weather clothing until about November, I don't usually make the seasonal clothing switch until then. His closet is all set, already! I'll just need to change out my clothing when the time comes.

We now have a big pile of clothes for our upcoming yard sale. I also now know where all our hangers have been hiding-in his closet!

Cleaning out a closet, finding all the extra hangers and spending time with my husband works for me!

**Thanks to Kristen from We Are THAT Family for hosting Works For Me Wednesday!


Debbie J @ Homemaking Dreams said...

I really need to do this with both my hubby's side of the closet and mine! Its on the 2009 to do list and its nearing the end of September. Yikes! You did good.

Wendi said...

This task is on my fall cleaning list. Pulling the drawers out one at a time is a great idea!

Audra said...

I also have this task on my fall clean up chores. We married two years ago and I had to go through my husbands clothing. He had concert tshirts from the 70's he had never worn, jeans, polyester shiny shirts the work. He was kitted out for "That 70's Show"! I find cooking a favorite dinner also eases the anguish of seperation.

Bevy said...

haha!! That is great! I love the idea of sitting down while a game is on.