Wednesday, September 09, 2009


**We spent our Labor Day weekend pet-sitting for our friends. They have 5 dogs and 10 cats. Thankfully, everything went fairly smoothly. They have them on a good routine and left individualized notes for each pet concerning feeding and other points of interest. That was extremely helpful.

This was our second pet-sitting opportunity of the summer. Anyone who knows us in real life realizes how out of character this is for us. Especially me. I am not an animal lover. Before we got our dog, I did not like creatures of the canine breed. Before that, I was terrified of animals, especially dogs. So the fact that I not only have a dog and love him to pieces but actually consent to helping friends with their pets is an interesting turn of events in the story of my life.

**I cleaned my house this morning. It is so nice! I have been so busy for several months that I only got a little cleaning done here and there. It really needed a thorough cleaning job. Thankfully, I tend to be pretty neat so the place was livable. As long as we didn't look at the floors, at the cobwebs in the window, or behind the toilet...

**It's decluttering time again! Since I am no longer doing in-home childcare, I'm going through my children's toys and supplies and tossing anything that is not needed on the yard sale pile. I'm hoping to have a yard sale sometime this fall. I have two piles in the living room- a "get rid of" pile and a "to put away" pile. By the time, I'm finished with this decluttering bug, my home should be nice and orderly! I do love to get rid of things...:-)

**Our garden is pretty much done for the year. We got lots of tomatoes and cucumbers this year as well as a good harvest of peppers. My pepper plants are still bearing. I need to get some fall crops planted--lettuce, spinach, peas, perhaps another planting of green beans yet.

**We recently got this album and are really enjoying it. Some awesome songs!!!

**Simple Nest has a thought-provoking post on Finding Contentment In Our Homes. Read part two here.

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Debbie J @ Homemaking Dreams said...

Wow! That's a lot of cats and dogs. The notes were bound to be very helpful in knowing what to do.

I'm supposed to babysit my grandson overnight for the first time this weekend. :o)