Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How I Grocery Shopped This Month

For this month's grocery shopping, I decided to follow a lot of the advice in this book and do all my shopping at once for the whole month. Besides, staying out of the stores more is good for our no-spend month!

I still will buy more fresh eggs this month and I kept some money out to buy chicken breasts when they go on sale; the sale should be coming around again soon! In addition, I have a Groupon for a produce box that I will use later in the month to supplement our supply of fresh produce.

This wasn't too different than usual since I often do a lot of my shopping at once. But this time, I did a lot more planning. I first took a thorough inventory of my pantry, fridge and freezer. Then I began making a meal plan for the month. I planned 28 dinners and made sure we would have enough things on hand for breakfasts and lunches.

After this planning was done, I started making a shopping list. I already have lists of what we buy at what stores with the prices. I used my store lists and the sale ads to determine what I needed to buy. I then tweaked the menu plan and grocery list in order to stay in budget.

This all took extra time but was well worth it. When shopping, I knew exactly how much of specific products I had at home so it helped me as I made decisions. This helped me save money and as a result, came in under budget! Very good for our no-spend month!

After shopping, my kitchen table looked like this:

A closer view in case you want to see what I bought! :-)

Part of my menu plan was based on a freezer cooking session which I did the next day! Now we have 14 meals plus some extras like spaghetti sauce, cooked brown rice, cooked lentils and shredded cheese in the freezer to use throughout the month.

It was a full couple of days--planning, shopping and then prepping and freezer cooking. But now, a week later, our hard work is definitely paying off as I'm able to pull food out of the freezer and so much of the planning has already been done!

I will share my list of 28 dinners tomorrow!


Wendi said...

I love once a month shopping! I have gotten a little lax on it this summer so I need to get back at it. I find that I spend more when I shop once a week. It is better if I just run in for milk and some fresh items weekly.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

We've been doing a once-a-month grocery shop for nearly six years, now!

Three children later and pretty much driving an hour an a half (to get to Lanc. Co. PA) to do it. Unless, once in awhile, I stay local.. but still.

I keep a running list/print-off of my freezer, pantry and fridge needs and when I need something - I highlight it and that becomes my grocery list for next month.

I can't imagine any other way. It makes so much sense, and more cents, in the long run.

Always paying cash and keeping some out for the milk, eggs and fresh produce when needed.