Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Is Coming: Homemade Bread

Sometimes I think too hard when trying to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts when something simple that I make all the time may be the perfect gift for the recipient.

This came to mind last week when I suddenly realized that a few family members would really love a loaf or two of my fresh homemade bread that they can eat right away or freeze and enjoy later.

My brother-in-law , the other one who does not like caramel corn, loves my wheat rolls. I made a batch of them for him this year and he seemed very happy with it. I packaged the rolls in  a recycled salad container.

A few other folks will be receiving fresh loaves of whole wheat bread along with jars of homemade peach jam and apple butter.

 I'll be baking the bread as close to the time of giving as possible so it is still very fresh and yummy! These types of gifts are inexpensive to make and use ingredients I already have on hand!

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