Friday, December 17, 2010

JOY Swap

Recently, I was able to participate in another of Monica and Carrie's Sister Shoebox swaps. The theme for this swap was JOY and my swap partner was Katie!

Katie was such a fun swap partner. We've been blogging buddies for a while now and she is a sweet and enthusiastic sister in Christ!

Here's what I sent to Katie:

  • JOY To The World garland.
  • Christmas CD with some of our favorite Christmas tunes to fill her home with sounds of JOY!
  • Gift bags to bring JOY to others.
  • Handmade JOY Christmas cards to tell others about the real reason for the season.
  • Fun gingerbread cupcake liners and decorations and a big container of sprinkles for JOY in making memories with her 3 children!
  • Bag of hot cocoa mix  and candy canes because it's a JOY  for her to make a special treat for her family.
  • Cupcake print matching aprons for Katie and her 4 year old daughter because it's a JOY to work together!
What Katie sent to me: 

Wow! I was blown away with everything that Katie sent in my box. Everything was beautifully packaged and each item had a tag with a Scripture verse that included the word JOY with personal notes on the back of each one. It was so much fun to read and look at everything!

  • A cookie mix and sprinkles.
  • Candy cane cookie cutter.
  • A bag of treats for the Cherished Dog.
  • A clip board for post-it notes made from a coaster. So cute!
  • Giradelli peppermint bark candy. One of my favorites!
  • A sign that reads "The Joy Of Family."
  • The Joy of Cooking cookbook.
  • Recipe cards.
  • Jingle bell wreath ornament.
  • 2011 purse-size calendar/planner which she decorated with a music note and a verse.
  • Decorated clip board with a snowflake background and a hymn sheet for Whiter Than Snow. I love this!
Katie was so creative with everything she sent and obviously  put a lot of effort into my box. I loved it and about couldn't stop looking at everything!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks to Monica and Carrie for hosting the swap. Go to Carrie's blog to see other JOY swap participants!

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