Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Latest On My Mom

Since my last update, Mom has made a lot of improvements!

Her walking is going very well and she's able to walk with a walker and some with a cane. She's been able to take a few  small steps by herself already, too! They've also started her walking on stairs.

She still is not able to swallow so still has a feeding tube. They took out the nasal tube and replaced it with a stomach tube which she likes so much better and doesn't cause so much sore throat and sinus trouble for her.

Mom is scheduled to go home tomorrow! She was originally scheduled to be released Friday but it was moved up since she is doing so well. She will still have regular appointments for continued therapy to help with mobility as well as swallowing.

She's been in good spirits all through this with a determination to get better and has been willing to do whatever the doctors and therapists have told her to do.

We are grateful for the continued improvements and for the wonderful care she has received. She's mentioned several times what an excellent team of medical professionals she has had and how good they've been to her.

My mom's family is having their Christmas gathering on New Year's Day and she plans to attend. She volunteered to bring the ham the day before she had the stroke and is planning to carry out her commitment, although my grandmother (her mom) offered to cook the ham my dad purchased. My grandma is 89 and went through surgery for colon cancer this past summer. I tell you, I come from a line of strong and determined women!

Thank you for your continued prayers. They mean so much!

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