Friday, December 03, 2010

Happy First Weekend Of December!

**I had a post about an inexpensive Christmas gift idea almost ready to put up but just haven't had time to complete it today. So instead, I'll have it ready for next week.

**My husband was up sick for most of the night last night. We're not quite sure if it is food poisoning (we opened a jar of pickles last night for dinner which tasted odd to us) or the stomach bug that is apparently in town right now. The brother of the little girl that I care for has been throwing up this afternoon so it may actually be a virus of some sort. Whatever it is, I don't like it and hope it moves along quickly!

**This is the first weekend in at least 6 weeks that we haven't had shows scheduled or been out of town so we're looking forward to a  relaxing couple of days. Our town's Christmas festival is this weekend and we would like to attend if we are feeling ok. The light parade is tonight and we've decided not to go.

**I'm also finishing up my swap box for the JOY swap hosted by Monica and Carrie. This has been so much fun!

** We started a bit of decorating a few days ago. Once we're finished, I'll post pictures. We keep Christmas decorations and the Christmas season in general pretty low-key and we're ok with that. It's fun and a bit of a challenge to find places for the decorations in our new house.

**Did you do any shopping on Black Friday?  We don't usually. But mid-morning, I saw on facebook that one of our friends had purchased poinsettias at Lowe's for 98 cents a piece. Oh the power of social media! I immediately decided that I wanted needed some poinsettias for the bay window.  My husband was just getting ready to go get something for me from a friend who coincidentally lives right down the road from Lowe's, so he popped in and brought me four for just over $4! They do look so pretty. Now if I can keep them alive until Christmas...

**We've never hung outdoor Christmas lights so far. Neither one of us is steady on a ladder and while it's pretty to look at, it seems like a lot of work for us. My mom always had the little welcome lights in the windows which I think look so cozy and inviting! We got a few sets of those to put in the front windows this year. Love them!

**I'd love to start making a few Christmas goodies this weekend if I get time. We'll only be making  a few things again this year. But we like so many things! It's hard to choose just a few. 

**What are you up to this weekend? I pray that it will be a wonderful time spent with your family and friends, getting this Christmas season started off right!

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