Friday, February 20, 2009

Homemade Bread

One of my favorite aspects of homemaking is having the time to bake homemade bread. To me, it is an old-fashioned and homey skill that produces something wonderful!

Learning to bake bread is an art and is one that takes time to learn. With the right recipes and experience, it becomes easy to create homemade bread that your whole family will love!

While I still buy a loaf of bread from the store on occasion, I aim to make most of our breads myself. The varieties that I make most frequently are Honey Wheat Bread, French Bread, and Wheat Rolls.

Since I'm learning the art of soaking grains, I've been using this recipe for whole grain bread and it is delicious!

Baking my own bread has proved to be a frugal choice most of the time as good loaves of bread cost a lot to buy! It can also be a more nutritious option especially if you grind your own grains.

Unlike pioneer women who kneaded their bread by hand, I enjoy using my Bosch mixer which was a wedding gift from my parents. I sometimes knead a small batch of bread by hand, though. Even though I have a mixer and learned to make bread that way, I still feel that it's important to know how to do it by hand in case I need to do it without my mixer someday. It has also enabled me to be able to teach other ladies how to bake bread when they don't have a mixer at home.

Baking bread gives the house such a yummy smell. This smell carries to outside our home to welcome my husband and guests with an enticing aroma.

And I don't think anything is as delicious as a slice of fresh warm bread slathered with butter.

Homemade bread--definitely one of the finer things in life!

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gail said...

mmm! i can just smell it. growing up one of my favorite memories was of coming home and smelling the bread that was baking in the oven. my mom made it by hand as it was before bosche's and bread machines.

i've soaked grains a few times and have dabbled with different recipes but i always come back to my standard whole wheat recipe. and you are so right--the good breads are SOOOOOOOOOO expensive!

great post, maryann

Amy said...

I think that the "smell of homemade bread baking" is on my 100 Finer Things list. ;-)

Can't wait to try your recipes. I make bread at least twice a week. Thanks for sharing! Amy

DarcyLee said...

There's nothing like the smell of bread baking. Your breads look beautiful.

Wendi said...

It doesn't get much better then the smell of fresh baked bread. Yum!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Your bread looks delish and there's nothing that smells better than bread baking in the oven! I've tried the no-kneed breadmaking method and that works really well.


Anonymous said...
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