Saturday, April 04, 2009

Super Savings Saturday: Bi-Lo and Super Target Deals

After running this morning, I put on my Friday-go-to-Bi-Lo clothes and headed out to do some bargain hunting.

Here's the results of my Bi-Lo trip:

All this for $26.12 plus I'll be getting $3.99 back from the Sargento Salad Finishers via a mail-in rebate.

**Pace Salsa- FREE with coupon
**Sargento Salad Finishers- $1/1 coupon plus FREE after mail-in rebate
**2 cans Del Monte no-salt tomatoes-$.20 each after doubled $.40/1 coupon
**12 cans Del Monte pineapple- approx. $.50 each after B1G1 free sale plus a $1/12 coupon
**2 Thai Kitchen noodle soup mixes--$.19 each after doubled $.50/1 coupon
**Green grapes-$.99 a pound on sale
**2-2 pound boxes strawberries- marked down to $1.49 each
**2 bags organic sweet potatoes-marked down to $.99 each
**Organic red potatoes-marked down to $.99 for bag
**Organic apples-marked down to $.99 for bag
**Stuffing mushrooms-marked down to $1.49 for box
**1 pound bag fresh green beans-marked down to $.99

I really hit the jack pot for produce mark downs on this trip. And I didn't buy nearly all of it. There was still plenty of marked down dairy, produce and meat for the rest of you!:-) This is the second time I've been to this particular Bi-Lo and each time I've been able to score some good deals on produce. Last time I got a great price on organic chicken. So you can be sure that I will continue shopping at this store! (For my local readers, this is the Main St. location.)

Since I was headed out to do my big shopping trip for the month, these produce mark downs really helped the budget! I was able to mark several items off my list that I would have paid a lot more for regular price.

Bi-Lo has some great sales going on this week through Tuesday, April 7th. You can see a complete breakdown of the sales and coupons here.

I came home and ate breakfast and headed off to Sam's Club for more grocery shopping. On the way, we stopped at Super Target. I had a plan and this is what I came home with:

I paid $3.72 for all of this after coupons. I had coupons for every item.

**Huggies wipes- $.49 after $5/1 manu. coupon
**Johnson's Buddies soap-$.22 after $.75/1 store coupon
**Johnson's Baby Bar-$.02 after $.75/1 store coupon and $1/1 manu. coupon
**4 snack size Cheetos- $.29 each after $1/1 store coupon
**4 snack size Market Pantry fruit snacks- FREE after $1/1 store coupon
**4 Archer Farms mini artisan breads(baguettes)- FREE after $1/1 store coupon
**Betty Crocker Warm Delights--approx. $.50 each after $1/2 store coupon and $.50/1 manu. coupon

You can see Target sales and coupon match-ups here, here and here. . Keep in mind that prices vary by location. For example, the lowest price on Dole Salad at my store was $1.69 instead of $1.19 as on these lists.

We also did our regular big grocery trip today. I got lots of stuff including the two bargain trips you see here for about $150. This should last us for about 3 weeks!

By sharing this, I hope you'll be able to score some deals, too!

**For more Super Savings Saturdays posts, visit Money Saving Mom!

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Abbie Byers said...

Wow! You did really good. Don't you just love a good deal!