Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend!

As planned,we spent Friday and Saturday spring cleaning our house. My goal was to clean 6 rooms. We got 4 and a half rooms cleaned. I feel pretty good about it considering that we also bathed the dog and put a new lawn mower together and mowed the lawn!

I started with the kitchen, dining room and living room about 9:30 Friday morning. Andy went right out to mow the grass and I started cleaning all the blinds(spraying them off outside) first because we were expecting rain. I'm glad that we got those things out of the way because it rained hard for a few hours in the middle of the day. Those first three rooms have the most detail for cleaning-bookshelves to clean off, glassware and dishes to wash,appliances to move and clean behind, etc. We worked and worked! By 9 pm, I was exhausted. I still needed to finish a few things in the living room but had completed the kitchen, dining room and most of the living room! Andy went and got dinner at Wendy's for us, because we were too exhausted to try to cook something!

We started Saturday morning by bathing the dog. This is an hour (or more) of our lives that we will not get back! He was most uncooperative this time around. He at first would not even be coaxed into the tub. We finally got him in there and he was fine...until he made a run for it halfway through. Fortunately, we had closed the bathroom door so he didn't get far. Unfortunately, our bathroom is incredibly tiny and with all 3 of us in there, it was rather difficult to maneuver a 60 pound, stubborn, wet dog back into the tub. Eventually, we were done and Rock smelled like a delicious oatmeal cookie dog instead of just stinky dog! Next time we need to install a video camera. :-)

After the dog-bathing ordeal, we were finally ready to start on the house. I had planned to clean the bedroom, bathroom, and office on Saturday. We got the bedroom finished. While washing all the linens, the dryer stopped drying. We do have a clothesline and it was sunny so I hung a bunch of stuff out. It was late afternoon by this time so I had to leave most of it out all night.

We cleaned the worst of the bathroom, which was mostly the dog hair from that morning! The rest of the bathroom will have to wait. I was not about to do a repeat of Friday night so about 6 pm, we called it quits. I made a stir fry for dinner and then finished up a few little things before bedtime.

So I still have half of the bathroom to clean, plus the office and laundry room! I feel really good about what we got done! I'm also not sure I really ever want to do another marathon cleaning spree like that again! It is very tiring!

We had a special service on Easter morning. We came home afterwards and ate leftover stir fry for lunch. My plans were to cook steaks for a nice Easter dinner. Andy's dad called and was going to able to stop in for a quick visit on his way through town. We invited him to stay for dinner so I got another steak out of the freezer. After our lunch, I made a CVS run and then came home and started dinner. I made steaks, mashed potatoes, peas, homemade French bread and then used a brownie mix to make a pan of brownies for dessert! It turned out really nice and it was a nice visit with my father-in-law!

All in all, it was a wonderful Easter weekend!

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I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to host weigh in Wednesday starting today. Come on over and join us. Once I get enough interested I will put a Mr.Linky on.