Wednesday, October 09, 2013

October Freezer Cooking: Take 2

The first day, I cooked ground beef, made burger patties and assembled crockpot meals. On the second day, I did everything else that was left on my list.

Not quite as organized but I plowed through it anyways! I had to cook some meal components for the casseroles I was making and then assemble casseroles, which do take longer than crockpot meals in a bag!

My list:
My plan of attack:
  • Bake brown rice.
  • Bake bacon. (In the oven at the same time as rice.)
  • Shred cheese.
  • Assemble Breakfast-in-a-hurry.
  • Assemble Cheesy Beef and Rice.
  • Bag up rest of brown rice.
  • Leave the house for a few hours.
  • Assemble Spinach and Cheese Casseroles.
  • Make Gingery Pork and Mushrooms. (Ended up making this for dinner that night!So absolutely yummy!)
I'm happy to have so many  frozen entrees and sides in the freezer to eat this month (and some of next)!

The only picture I took on day 2--I was in a rush!

Do you do freezer cooking? What are your favorite recipes to freeze?

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Debbie J said...

Looks very organized to me! Good job.

Yesterday I took an individual sized frozen homemade vegetable soup to work for lunch. With a peanut butter sandwich, it was a wonderful meal.