Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dollywood Vacation

A few months ago, Andy's parents asked if we would like for them to take us on a weekend vacation. Of course, we said yes!

We decided on Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN for our destination and chose to go the last weekend in October. We were so excited for the trip and weren't disappointed at all!

Andy loves Southern Gospel music so we were happy to be able to go during Dollywood's National Southern Gospel Festival and Harvest Celebration  and attend a number of concerts throughout the park. Our favorites included Legacy Five, The Mark Dubbeld Family, The Kingdom Heirs and The Smoky Mountain String Band. We also enjoyed a bird show that featured Challenger the Bald Eagle, a 50's show and the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame.

The weather was super chilly the two days we were there but at least it was sunny! Thankfully, some of the events were indoors.

Dollywood includes an amusement park but we both really don't care for rides! I did go on one ride with my father-in-law--one he referred to as a "sissy ride". It wasn't bad but reminded me again that I just don't like roller coasters and such! I seek thrills in other places--like thrift stores.

The park was beautifully decorated for fall with pumpkins, scarecrows , mums and the cutest flower pot people!

We had such a  wonderful weekend and thank  Mom and Dad for inviting us!

Southern Gospel Hall of Fame


Melanie said...

Hi, Mary Ann,
I enjoyed your pictures! Everything is decorated so pretty! I'm glad you had a nice time. I remember going there when I was a young girl, WAY back in the day before it was Dollywood. It was Silver Dollar City then.
I share your opinion of roller coasters! Ugh! Katie loves them, but all I end up with is dizziness and a sick stomach!
Yes, I can get thrilled about a great deal at a thrift store!! :-D

Rhonda said...

I am glad you had a nice vacation, your photos are really fun. I like the quilting scarecrow woman and the mum pyramid. Those places really decorate!