Tuesday, October 01, 2013

No Spend September Update

Well, September is over. The "No Spend Month" went great! I had hoped to update a few more times throughout the month but being sick with a virus and being out of commission for 3-4 days and then not feeling totally well for over a week threw me off course a little!

We will continue the "No Spend Challenge" in some ways in October, since with my new job's pay schedule, my first paycheck won't arrive until November. We won't be quite as strict as we were in September but still careful--not because we are broke--but to be able to minimize the withdrawals from our savings account. We live debt-free (except for the mortgage) so we pay in cash as much as possible. To us, it makes more sense to stop any unnecessary spending when the income has slowed rather than using credit cards or using up savings when we don't have to.

I will share my thoughts concerning "No Spend September".
  • Not spending simplified my life tremendously. I don't classify myself as a "big spender" but the desire for acquiring more and looking for good deals can hit anyone. We didn't drive places as much.  I didn't have as many decision to make. We grocery shopped at the beginning of the month and after that, I needed very little.
  • We ate out a couple of times without cost by using some FREE coupons that were available. We'd been given a Krispy Kreme gift card and we've stopped there for a doughnut a few times too.
  • Being sick stretched our food budget! Not my favorite way of saving money but my appetite was off for about 10 days so I certainly didn't eat as much!
  • Planning our meals out at the beginning of the month and freezing 11+ meals was AWESOME. I'm doing that for October as well.
  • We did dip into savings for a few non-negotiable items. But not much and they were categories we couldn't skip.Once my income starts back up, that will be taken care of.
  • I cut my own hair and it was fun!
  • Having already made the decision to not spend for unnecessary items made it really easy to say "no" to school fundraisers (we didn't know the children who stopped by)  and other spending/ giving opportunities. I'm not talking about tithing or giving financially at the Holy Spirit's leading--that is different. 
  • We got more books and videos from the library this month. 
  • I wanted to buy a potted mum and pumpkin for the front porch! Will see what I can do in October. :-)
  • Keeping things clean and neat costs very little. 
  • We didn't feel deprived at all! Which shows we can live on less and be just fine. 
Here's to a  frugal October as well!

Happy October 1st!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What an accomplishment! That's great that you were able to do that for September. The mums and pumpkins alone would have done me in :)

Georgene G. said...

You did GREAT! I liked reading your list!