Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Today, while packing for our upcoming move, I came across this scrapbook that I had made for someone else back in 1992 when I was 15-16 years old.

That was 20 years ago, folks!!!

The young girls in our church  had decided at the beginning of the year to do what we called "Secret Grandmothers". We put the names of all the older ladies in our church in a  pot and each drew one. The idea was that each girl would give an anonymous gift about once a month or so to their "secret grandmother" during that year. Then at the end of the year, we would have what we called a "Revealing Party" (hahaha) and the grandmothers would get to find out who had been their secret granddaughter all this time!

Once the ladies found out what was going on, they began to eagerly look forward to this! And they would speculate who they thought had their name! It was humorous at times. Many of these women were also widows and lived alone so this was another source of joy and encouragement to them. This simple activity  helped to bridge the gap between the young and the old and lasting friendships were made.

The lady whose name I drew this particular year was named Blanche. She was one of my own Grandma's close friends. Mom helped me come up with the idea of making a scrapbook for her, giving the scrapbook and a completed page or two at the beginning of the year and then adding to it each month. I also gave other gifts here and there but the scrapbook was the main one.

This was really before the whole photo album scrapbooks became so popular so this was a more "old fashioned" model. Truly, a scrap book! I cut pictures and poems from magazines, used stencils and stickers and pretty paper from wrapping paper and wall paper to create this book. Blanche loved to read, quilt, garden and cook so I made special pages that reflected these interests.

I had a wonderful time making this book and Blanche really enjoyed it, too!
The "great reveal"-- isn't this a hoot! Complete with fabric padded frame--I got a huge kick out of this!

Blanche passed away a few years ago and her family passed this album on to my mom to give to me. At first, I wondered what I would do with it and put it up with our photo albums. But today as I pulled it out, I realized what a nice memory this was to have and how many of the pictures, poems and stories,etc. reflect my interests and who I am as a person even now! I also thought the littles would enjoy looking at these pictures!

Have you ever made a scrapbook?


Katie said...

Darling, Mary Ann! I'm sure she was so blessed by it! I also made part of one "old fashioned" scrapbook before the whole idea of scrapbooking took off. It was simply cut outs of magazines and newspapers and such. I love that you put that altogether to bless another ~ what a great idea!

You're moving?!? Did I miss this? Will be praying for you as you prepare ~ we are still *unpacking*! =)


Lillibeth said...

I did all my childhood scrapbooks this way! It was fun to get colored paper from the copy shop to make the pages of very special scrapbooks. I think now what I could have done with the fancy papers and such, or even a printer at home!
I still have a box in which I put pretty cards, scraps of magazines, etc. that are pretty or inspirational. I will continue to paste them in my giant scrapbook the "old fashioned way."
By the way-- I saw at the craft store something called "smash books" and I think it is the same idea as our old scrapbooks-- just glue and "smash" randomly!

Bevy said...

Yes and No!

I've made many a page to add to a compiled scrapbook for someone but never a whole one myself. Yet!

I honestly want to make one for me - and have it started but time will tell what it will look like once it's done. ((All things Home:: All things Thanks!))

I'm loving the mennonite photo of you. I had to smile. :)

Donnamo said...

What a sweet idea....secret grandmothers....I am sure those ladies were so blessed to know you spent your time thinking of them.

In High School a class had us make a scrapbook of what we wanted our future home to look like. Sooooo different from what I chose when I actually built for our home.

Also in modeling school I had to make a Scrapbook of clothes I liked. Really a hoot to look at now. Thanks for sharing.