Thursday, May 24, 2012

Organizing Receipts and Stuff

While I enjoy organizing, keeping track of papers and receipts is not something that I do well with consistently. And with as many cottage businesses and income sources as we have, this is not good! We need to be organized and not have important papers floating all over the place.

Obviously, we need to keep up with things a little better so that tax time is smoother. And keeping paper piles from appearing all over the house would be nice too.

I had this accordion file that I was using to keep my whole coupon inserts in. After a few months, I realized that it was full, organized carefully by date and everything but I pretty much never referred back to them to clip a coupon out after filing them. It was then that I decided to ditch keeping the whole inserts and just pass the coupons along after I went through and clipped the ones I thought I'd actually use.

So I emptied this file out and labeled sections for all our home-based businesses and a few other areas that require holding onto paperwork or receipts.

It's been a couple of weeks and so far it's working really well. Instead of paper piling up around the house, we've been able to file them right away and have them all in one place.

And that's a very positive thing!

Inspiration for this organization project came from Small Notebook and Simple Organized Living, both of which never fail to inspire me to live a more simple, intentional and organized life!

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