Friday, May 04, 2012

Four Weeks To Fill Your Freezer: Lentils and Millet

Ok, so today's freezer offering is rather boring but useful-- cooked lentils and millet all ready to throw into soups, grain salads, casseroles or heat up and eat on their own for a quick meal.

In yesterday's freezer post, I mentioned preparing to move. Well, moving gives me the desire to clean things out and use them up! So I've found some items in the freezer and pantry that I could go ahead and cook up and have ready to eat!

We eat a good amount of lentils and even though they are relatively quick-cooking as legumes go, it's handy to have some already cooked up for even faster meals!

We don't eat a lot of millet but I found a zipper bag of millet in the freezer and thought we could go ahead and use that up. I figured we could use it instead of rice for meals, add it to grain salads or make this yummy looking Southwestern casserole.

I cooked the lentils at the same time I was preparing supper tonight (yesterday by the time you read this!). And simmered the millet while washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.

Yield: 3 containers of lentils (varying amounts in the 1-2 cup range) and 6 (2 cup) bags of millet.

Into the freezer they go!

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Donna said...

Great job! Way to use your time wisely!