Monday, March 12, 2012

What A Difference A Year Makes!

Recently I came across this post and noticed this picture of Toddler Girl (back when she was still Baby Girl!) a little over a year ago.

 I barely recognized that baby in the picture! So when we headed to the park today, I grabbed my camera in hopes to get a similar picture. But this time, a picture of a big girl!


Here she is at almost 2 years old already!

Where has the time gone?


Rhonda said...

sweet pictures! babies are not babies very long at all, it only seems that way when they sleepless or sick and not sleeping.

it all goes way too fast. :(

Anonymous said...

So cute! Before you know it, she'll be too big for the bucket swings and ready for the real thing.

Katie said...

How precious ~ both the adorable girl and the fact that you captured such a sweet moment a year apart!!