Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cleaning Out The Car

Thinking of household tasks that somehow get put off indefinitely--cleaning out the car is always one of those at our house!

My excuse could be that we are a one car family and if I have the time to clean out the car, the car is gone for the day. But the real reason is that I don't like to do it!

So I put it off until I can't stand it anymore!


Since today was really nice and sunny, Toddler Girl and I went out to the car with a trash bag. We filled the whole thing up in no time at all! We also brought a small stack of things in from the car and put them away.

I had been storing two big bags of dog food in the trunk for a few weeks since we kept forgetting to bring them inside, so we brought those in too. 

Later on, I washed the windows and swept the car out.

Much better!

Could your car use a little TLC today? Or is it always squeaky clean? :-)


Anonymous said...

I have a full size van that gets cleaned out most weeks. If it didn't we would be buried. We take out a trash bag for the trash and a laundry basket for coats, books, dolls, etc....But to be honest I don't always do it. 13 year old boys need chores and cleaning the van fits the bill quite nicely. I actually don't mind doing it and I love the satisfaction of a clean vehicle.
Cheryl Weaver

Anonymous said...

Ha! I wish my car was always squeaky clean. Thanks, though---I saw your post title and it reminded me that I had planned to go out to the car this afternoon with a big trash bag! I have to do it at least once a week.

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Funny when we took our van out from Winter storage the other day I was sick on how dirty it was, but I am sure the weather wasn't great to clean it before we put it away. I thought I would get at it today however they are calling for Thundershowers today here ... another day when I might find time.