Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Weekly Menu

I've started planning my weekly menus from Wednesday to Tuesday instead of Sunday to Saturday. This works much better with my Wednesday or Thursday grocery trips and even a more relaxed time of the week to plan rather than cramming it into a busy weekend!

 **For weight loss and general health, we eat a diet low in grains but higher in protein, healthy fats, vegetables and fruit.  For the most part, we avoid wheat, corn, refined sugar, starchy vegetables such as corn and potatoes and most processed foods. It is a work in progress--our diet isn't always perfect and we are far from eating all organic but we have both lost a good bit of weight since changing to eating this way in March of 2011 and we feel great! And for the record, we do eat a lot of brown rice and eggs and we're ok with that!**


1. Mexican chicken skillet, rice, sour cream
2. Salads with tuna, tomato soup
3. Sausage, rice and veggie skillet, roasted cabbage
4. Turkey (pre-cooked and in freezer), baked sweet potatoes, green beans
5. Eat Out
6. Finger Foods at meeting--fruit plate
7. Meeting--Salad, Italian oranges

1. Leftover ham and lentils, salads
2. Salads with chicken
3. Sausages, cucumbers and green peppers, spinach salad, cheese
4. Birthday party!!
5. Church fellowship-- Chicken broccoli rice casserole, fruit plate
6. Leftover chicken broccoli rice casserole, peas and mushrooms
7. Canned soup, hard-boiled eggs, veggies

As part of our low-grain, higher protein diet, we eat eggs almost every morning! This week, I have some sausage links on hand so we've had that with our eggs several mornings as well as some sauteed veggies some days.

It was recommended to us by our nutritionist friend to eat fruit separately from meals. This is because fruit sugars digest differently. So we try to follow this advice most of the time especially when we eat at home during the week. For this reason, our snacks are typically fruit. This week we have apples, oranges, cantaloupe, bananas and strawberries to snack on. A bit of each variety thrown into the blender today made a very tasty smoothie!

What's cooking at your house this week? 

**This post is part of Menu Plan Monday!

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