Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Social Network
At nearly 5 months old, Baby Boy is becoming quite sociable. Late one afternoon, he couldn't have been more excited to make friends with Toddler Girl. He smiled, laughed, talked and flailed in her general direction. So I began to talk to Toddler Girl as though I was Baby Boy. I said, "Hi, T.G.! I want to be your friend!" About that time, Andy spoke up and asked, "T.G., do you accept B.B.'s friend request?"

 Honorable Mention
Remember your birthday or Christmas growing up when your mother gave you unmentionables? And you thought to yourself, "When I'm grown up, I will not be like that! Presents will be fun!"  Then your mom sends you birthday money and after pondering all the fun things you could purchase, you end up buying yourself some new unmentionables because it is truly a need and not a want like the Pyrex, fabric and apple peeler/corer/slicer you've had your eye on. And after all, you are just super practical like that.

Silence Is Golden
Big Brother often wants to pray when he's here at lunchtime. And if he doesn't, he delights in choosing who will pray. So one day, he said that Toddler Girl, who is also his little sister, would pray. T.G. is one and really only yells, "AMEN!" at prayer time. Before we could say anything, he announced, "T.G. prays silently!"

Love Your Neighbor
One of the benefits of mowing the grass at the same time as your neighbor is that they will see you struggling through your very thick grass and offer to help. Seriously though, their assistance was much appreciated and had they not offered their sweet help, I wouldn't have finished the mowing before it started to rain. Their act of kindness really blessed my heart!

Little Mother
Toddler Girl grabbed the burp cloth the other day and proceeded to wipe Baby Boy's chin. So sweet! She will also stand beside him and pet him. Hmmm...


Melanie said...

Those are great. I esp. liked the first and last ones. :)

tea said...

Those are all cute! Have missed you! It's great to see a post from you again! :)