Friday, August 05, 2011

Blogging: The Whole Picture

I loved this post written by Mandi of Life Your Way.

An excerpt:

"Have you ever walked away from reading blogs and felt discouraged or disillusioned about your own home and life? I think for most of us, if we’re being honest, the answer is yes.

We see fabulous pictures of someone else’s perfect home with beautiful decor, the examples of crafts and activities they do with their kids, the amazing food they create in their kitchen…and we feel inadequate.

Lately, whenever I take a picture, I can’t help but laugh at the surrounding chaos. Because, you see, while I am very type-A, and we do live with less stuff than the average American family, and our home gets cleaned up every night before bed, during the day we live in our home, which means it’s messy and chaotic and…well, you’ll see."

I had to laugh out loud as I read that. I can so relate. We crop almost all photos that I post here and almost every time I take a picture, the counter or table has to be cleared off first! Or I notice dog hair in a photo...yes, yes, I do!

I hear so much about 'being real' in the blogging world and to be honest, sometimes I get so tired of hearing it that I want to puke.  Oh, I'm all about being who I really am without false pretenses but that can only be taken so far. My blog is only one part of my life. And while I strive to be real, you will not see the whole picture. You'd have to come to my house and spend lots of time with me to do that!

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Melanie said...

What a great post! I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing it.
The 'being real' thing makes me sick too! You're right, we can only see a small part of a person's life on a blog. I crop my pictures and have to clear the counters off too sometimes! That's just the way it is.
Hope you have a great weekend! :)

tea said...

I get sick of hearing about being real too! I was actually writing a post about it today, but not sure if I'll publish. Most of the time when I hear people talk about being real it doesn't seem all that real. Instead it seems like their jumping on the latest fad and trying to do a "cool" version of some fake sort of realness.

I like what you shared here. I have to crop things out of our pictures too, and clear off tables. Love your heart Mary Ann! ♥♥

Katie said...

Neat post, Mary Ann. I agree with you.

Sometimes I chuckle as I'm taking a picture of a dish I've made or our latest dessert....and I have...."You know you're a blogger when you have to take a picture of the food before anyone can touch it!"....running through my mind.

I never used to take pictures of food before I blogged, but now, anytime I make anything new, I'm thinking....where's my camera? Nobody touch it! Ha ha. Yes...blogging adds a whole new dimension to everyday life.

I hope your summer has been great!


Kathryn D. Duke said...

Mary Ann,
Agree...our home is lived in and it looks like it!! But I have to admit, it does make me want to do better when I see pictures that I think might have it more together than me.
I so enjoy your blog!!