Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Ever since this was first posted, I've wanted to make one of these compost bins. Last year, when my father-in-law brought us a truck load of treasures, a few trash cans were included. Perfect!

I chose a nice round one with a locking lid that worked and without wheels to make a compost bin. We finally got around to it this weekend. A very easy project with a high-powered drill!

I'm excited to try composting! This is a good list of what all can be composted. Lots more than just egg shells and veggie scraps, although we do have plenty of those! This should really cut down on our trash.

A large recycled cottage cheese container sits by the kitchen sink to collect food scraps and another box is available for compostable non-food items.

As with everything I set my mind to, I'm determined to give this a good try and learn as much as I can about it! My most asked question now is, "Do you think I can compost (name of object) ?

If you compost, I'd love to hear your tips and ideas!

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