Thursday, September 09, 2010

New-To-Us Furnishings

Several weeks ago, this pulled up to our house:

Thankfully, it wasn't completely full nor was everything for us! My father-in-law and a friend were headed to Upstate NY to move Andy's grandparents down to live with his parents.

To make room, we were offered some furnishings that would be useful to us. These things were brought in the truck.

We now have a queen size bed that came with a wonderfully soft sage green blanket and FOUR sets of sheets. (I know it looks bare; haven't gotten around to decorative pillows yet!)

Another dresser. 


We are so grateful for these items to use in our slightly-bigger new home.

One thing I appreciate about my husband's parents is how generous they are. They give and give. And with the recent downsizing of several households, they have plenty to offer. I do have to make sure that the items that come into our house are only those I have requested as they love to add extra boxes and bags to the load! You just never know what they will throw in.:-)

Looking around our home, I see very few items that were purchased new. Almost everything has come from yard sales, thrift stores or charitable donations from family. I'm so thankful for what we've been given and hope that someday we'll be able to bless others like this!


Katie said...

Love the "pay-it-forward" blessings!! What neat items! Looks like you've made your house quite a home! Lovely!

Thanks also for your moving advice and the link! Will bookmark that one I think!

Have a great weekend ahead,

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a blessing for you! I often look around my home at the furniture and items that have been gifted to us and give thanks for them. You are so blessed to have such thoughtful and generous in-laws!

Wendi said...

I love hand me down furniture! That is how I finally have matching furniture in the living room. Andy's parents sound alot like my parents. They are extremely giving and it is such a blessing. Enjoy your "new" things!

Tracy said...

We love receiving furnishings like this! It looks like you received some really nice pieces. What a blessing!