Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's Cooking In My Kitchen

 Jars of homemade veggie broth

Before we roll out this week's menu, let's look at how last week's plan went:

** Loved having lunches so well planned! We used up every bit of leftovers this way. Lunch was really easy to put together, too.

**Tacos in lettuce leaves worked a lot better as taco salad! It may have worked better with a  different type of lettuce which we will continue to experiment with. So far we've discovered that cold sandwich fillings do better in lettuce wraps than hot.

**This banana ice cream is absolutely delicious! And includes only one ingredient! We'll be eating this often throughout the summer. The recipe link also suggests trying other frozen fruit.

This week: 

Breakfasts (6x):
** scrambled eggs plain, with veggies cooked in, salsa added or sauteed peppers/onions or mushrooms on the side.

** ham and cheese lettuce wraps, fresh veggies
** egg salad lettuce wraps, fresh veggies (2x)
** hamburger patty, green salad
** leftover beef veggie soup
** leftover chicken and rice, veggie

1) vegetable beef soup, rice
2) pork chops, sauteed green beans with mushrooms and onions, rice
3) chicken and rice bake, steamed carrots
4) salad with veggies, hard-boiled egg, tuna
5) Eat Away From Home: Take spaghetti and meatballs.
6) Date Night: Going Out To Eat!

**celery, peanut butter (2x)
** yogurt, frozen fruit
** fruit smoothie (2x)
** banana ice cream

Hope you have a great week!


Katie said...

Hey Mary Ann! I read 1 Peter 4 this morning (sorry I'm late to the ballgame here)...but verses 7-10 and 12-14 jumped out at me bigtime! I'll comment more on another post when it comes up.

As always, your kitchen sounds like a very pleasant place to be! =)

Mary Ann said...


Actually you're right on time here! Feel free to add your insights at any time! Looking forward to reading your insights from 1 Peter 4.