Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reader Question: What Is Your Favorite Season?

Another reader question:

This is another question from Tea, who asks: 

"What is your favorite season of the year and why?"

Fall is most definitely my favorite season! It's not as hot as summer but the weather is still very pleasant and not as cold as winter. A good in between season without the pollen of spring!

The changing colors of leaves are so pretty. I enjoy cooking with pumpkins, apples and all kinds of squash. As the days turn a bit cooler, my attention turns to my home and I have this nesting instinct to make my home cozy and welcoming. In fall, I love having  the scents of cinnamon  and other spices wafting through my home.

Fall always makes me think of harvest and the many blessings that God has given us. Fall is when I finish up the year's canning and preserving, usually ending with applesauce and apple butter. It is the perfect time of year to begin cooking large pots of soup again.

There is something romantic about the fall season. Maybe it's the coziness of it all! We were married in October because I love fall so much and thought it to be ( and still do) the perfect time of year to honeymoon!

What is your favorite season and why?


Anonymous said...

Spring is definitely my favorite season. Probably because by the time it arrives I am so tired of brown grass and bare trees and my eyes are longing for the relief of green leaves, green grass, and gorgeous flowers! Spring also holds the promise that the school year is almost over and that lazy summer is right around the corner!

Wendi said...

Spring is my favorite season. I love how fresh and new everything becomes. I think Easter has something to do with this also. I am amazed that I (we) are so loved that God would send his only son to give us eternal life. Greening grass, budding trees and the promise of warmer days are also a good thing!

Katie said...

I am a person that loves the changing of the seasons. I seem to welcome each one as they come, but if I had to select a favorite ~ I would pick spring. Not too hot...not too cold...the sun starts shining more and longer...and love how the mornings begin with birds singing! It also probably helps my decision that I have a spring birthday. :-) But I truly love something in each of the seasons. Fun question!

gail said...

i love your indeptth answer to this question and you have a point! tho spring has to be my season, guess cuz i'm not affected by pollen.

also love your black hutch! that is gorgeous =)

sorry i've been a poor commenter of late. still limiting my computer time after surgery.