Monday, January 10, 2011

Vintage -Style Clothespin Bags

**Originally posted on my sewing blog on 4/22/10.

Grandma made this clothespin bag for me as a bridal shower gift. 

My grandma has been sewing these vintage-style clothespin bags for years. She would often give them for gifts as well as using her own . I remember one year when she presented my mom with a freshly-sewn clothespin bag for her birthday. She'd noticed the plastic peanut butter bucket full of clothespins that Mom had hanging on her clothesline and thought it rather unsightly!

When my sister and I got married (three months apart), my Grandma sent us each one of her handmade clothespin bags, complete with wooden hanger. Even though she was too far away to be able to attend our bridal showers and weddings, she still wanted to give us a gift. 

I use my clothespin bag all the time. It's both cute and handy!

Since I've gotten so many comments on mine, I thought it'd be a cute item to make as gifts or to sell. So I asked Grandma for her pattern. 

She was glad to share the pattern with me. Someone had shared it with her many years ago!

The next time I saw her, she handed me the pattern traced out on tissue paper and packaged in a recycled manilla envelope. 

She had written on the envelope and even drew a little sketch of what the finished product would look like! Isn't she cute!

Here are a few clothespin bags that I've made. These are available for purchase in my shop

Just like Grandma would make!

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