Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Clearance

I don't normally do much shopping at after-Christmas sales. I find that I really don't need most of the stuff found there. And besides by the time it's marked to 90% off and the price is right for me, the selection is pretty sparse. 

 But I was happy to find these perky striped tablecloths at Target yesterday for 75% off the regular price of $15.99.

I purchased two 60" x 104" to use as fabric for various sewing projects. The fabric is a nice weight and would make some really cute Christmas aprons, gift bags, pillow covers, etc. I may even cut one down to fit our small table for Christmas next year. I figured $3.74 is a great price for nearly 3 yards of wide fabric!

Have you found any great things on clearance recently?

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