Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our Pet Rock

This has got to be the cutest Rock we have ever seen. He joined our family on New Year's Day and life hasn't been the same since!

Our friends found him abandoned by their house right before Christmas and never received any calls or responses to the fliers they distributed so we decided to bring him home and call him ours!

We named him Rachmaninov(we're musical people around here)but call him Rock for short. It's easier to say in a hurry and he is a very strong and stout not so little pup. He 's about 8 months old now and weighs over 50 pounds already! He is a Lab/Staffordshire terrier mix. As well as some pit bull mixed in for fun!

He's got a great personality-quite easy going and loves kids. His hobbies include eating everything that's offered, sleeping in the sun and wrapping his cable in, around and through trees in our backyard.

We love our little fur-baby!

*This picture was taken days after we got Rock when he was around 5 months and only 35 pounds.

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