Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The $5 Chair

Ever since our couch broke last year, we've had our eyes open for replacement furniture. We still had a love seat and a rocker so we weren't sitting on the floor or anything. And we could bring in the dining room chairs for guests.

But I still thought it would be nice if we had some more comfy seating in the living room. And I prayed that God would provide furniture for us either by us saving up the money to buy something new or used or by giving us something that needed a new home.

We went to a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and found a nice armchair for $5! And they even delivered it for us. Wow! It's not that extra beautiful but cute in a 1950's way and in great shape. An afghan draped over it helps its looks tremendously.

That same week a friend offered us his futon. In our quest for furniture, we had decided that if we were to buy something, we would like to have a futon to serve double duty as a couch and a guest bed as we don't have a guest room.

This friend had stopped in on his way through town and as he was leaving, I remarked that perhaps next time he came we would have a futon so he could spend the night. He stopped and asked, "Are you looking for a futon? I have one that I am planning to get rid of. I'd love for you to have it."

What an answer to prayer! I am praising God for these reminders that He cares and wants to provide for us! He is our Source.

Has God answered a prayer in a special way recently? Please share how He has provided for your family!


Lyn said...

What wonderful bargains and blessings..that is great to hear.

Thanks for your visit the other day. Are you going to garden this year? You did so well last year.

I am going to come back for some of your older posts on groceries/menu planning. I need to get a bit more creative right now. I hope you will keep those up. Have a great week, Mary Ann. :)

*carrie* said...

That's so great, Mary Ann. We're praying similarly as we have several furniture pieces we'd like to purchase for our new house. I'm hoping to find good deals on quality used items--will keep you posted!

Mrs. R said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I just found it today, and I have read through all your archives. It is wonderful, and I hope you continue writing for a long time!