Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Reminder To Read Ingredients Lists

 New bottle on the right--the packaging isn't the only change!

Recently, I used up a bottle of lemon juice and pulled a new one out of my pantry to use.

While pouring the lemon juice out of the bottle, I just happened to catch sight of the ingredient list. It included sugar and several other ingredients I didn't remember reading on the bottles before.

A few days later, I was organizing my recycling bin--to make room and squeeze a few more days out before a trip to the dump. I came across the old bottle and looked at the ingredients.
Old on the left; new on right.

Sure enough, they were very different.

Now, I realize that most  bottled lemon juices have additives and the most healthy lemon juice is what you squeeze yourself from fresh lemons. So I'm not even going to pretend that one bottle was healthy and the other is not. I buy bottled lemon juice for the convenience; I know there are some things added. I just don't think there needs to be that many of them!
Old bottle on the left; new on the right.

We try to limit added sugar in many of the products we buy, so I am a little disappointed that the new formula now has sugar and a bunch of other  additives.

That said, I will no longer be purchasing lemon juice from Aldi. If I need to purchase bottled lemon juice, I'll be looking for the purest form available affordably. Otherwise, I guess we'll be squeezing and freezing our own using this method. Not quite as convenient, but it would work.

Anyways, this is a reminder to me to read the ingredients periodically since they are known to change over time!

Do you read labels?

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Rhonda Sue said...

I do read labels though I don't always understand them.
I bought lemon juice at Aldis today and mine is the same as your old bottle, with no sugar. I don't think mine is old stock as it is use dated in July 2014.

That is weird your new one has sugar in it. You just never know, do your.