Monday, August 12, 2013

Adoption Gift

Our precious Baby Boy that we have been babysitting for almost a year just had his first birthday.

And not only were we celebrating his birthday but also the finalization of his adoption which took place on July 25th!

We wanted to give a meaningful gift to commemorate his adoption but also have it double as a birthday gift since the party was a celebration of both!

One year olds usually get so many toys and things that I was pretty sure his parents wouldn't mind something else.

I started looking online and on Pinterest for appropriate gift ideas and finally decided on this.

It was in our budget and a printable so we wouldn't have to wait for shipping, giving us ample time to get it printed elsewhere. Also, his mommy had this pinned on her adoption board so I knew she would like it!

Alison from Ten Tiny Toes Designs was awesome! The printable file appeared in my email approx. 40 minutes after ordering!

We chose to have this printed at Wal-mart as a mounted print. We had a coupon too! We love how it turned out.

I had such fun  making these cards the other day so I used the same technique to decorate wrapping paper and a matching card for this gift. I love decorating paper bags!:-)

Just wanted to share this if any of you are looking for a nice adoption gift!


Debbie J said...

That's a great idea and very cute. It will be a lasting gift, whereas the toys, not so much. Love the wrapping paper design too!

Wendi said...

That is an awesome gift! Most first birthday gifts are outgrown by the second birthday... this one will be special for a long time. Great job!

Melanie said...

Oh, what a sweet gift...something they'll treasure for sure!
The wrapping paper and card are so pretty with the pennant banner! You did a great job. :-)