Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frugal Five

Five frugal things this week:
  1. Cut off the top of the salt container to get the last bit out!
  2. We were going to eat a free breakfast at Chick-Fil-A on Saturday as part of a promotion they were doing. We arrived the morning of our reservation to find they were closed until 10:30 because of inclement weather. So no free breakfast! We ran to Hobby Lobby really quick to get a few needed supplies for Etsy sewing and headed home where I proceeded to make omelets instead of eating breakfast out.
  3. While at Hobby Lobby, I used a 40% off coupon. Nothing I bought was high dollar but 40% off is 40% off! I will say that having the Hobby Lobby app on my iphone is great--no need to print the coupon before heading to the store! Just pull it up on the phone and show to cashier. Saving is easy!
  4. Harvested a head of cabbage from my winter garden.
  5. Cooked up a ham on Monday and ate on it most of the week. Had a ham dinner the first night with sweet potatoes and green beans, then broccoli and ham casserole and ham and lentils (with the soup bone). Also added some chopped ham to eggs and still have a bag or two to freeze for later plus have had leftovers for lunch every day. We bought this ham at 79 cents a pound before Christmas, so very frugal eating!
What frugal adventures are going on in your home? 


Wendi said...

Having the coupon on your phone would be such a nice thing. I don't know how many times I have gotten there and realized I didn't have the coupon. Ugh!

This weeks I:
*Spray painted a stool instead of buying a new one.

*Brought some very hard brown sugar back to life.

*Bought bulk cheese and some baking supplies at Sam's. I then broke them down into manageable portions. A little work, but the savings is enough to do this.

*Purchased some needed things at Menards paying for them with a rebate card. We purchased the things while they had a 11% rebate on all purchases so we will get another rebate card for 11% of our purchase. Making money on money we already made!

*Went out for dinner and purchased a pick two entree meal for $2.00 more then the one entree meal. I was able make the one dinner stretch for three meals. The dinner and then two lunches. I also used a $10 off my purchase coupon to pay for our meal.

Katie said...

Love these posts, Mary Ann!

*I've enjoyed using my amazon gift cards earned from using swagbucks.

*I just snagged a coupon code for an online site.

*We have challenged ourselves not to eat out at all in 2013 (both for health and for budget) ~ with the only exceptions that we are using up a gift card we already have for a restaurant.

*We dropped the data package on my hubby's phone bill ~ he is able to still use the internet at home through our wifi signal ~ he didn't use it that much while out anyway.

Like this series, Mary Ann ~ you give such great tips!