Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabric Gift Bags

We've been wanting some reusable fabric gift bags for several years. I decided that this year I would make them my first project of the year while I'm thinking about it. That way, they'll be all ready for Christmas gift wrapping in December!

While we're happy about reducing trash and not spending money on gift wrap, we really are excited about simplifying when it comes to wrapping gifts! Stick a gift in a bag; tie it up and you're done!

Especially for my husband--he is really happy about these!

These will be mainly used for the gifts for our own little family--so we can reuse them each year! It could be awkward to have to ask for the bags back from other folks. :-) We will still use our simple wrapping methods for gifts we give away outside our home. Unless I make extra bags as part of the gift.

For these bags, I raided my Christmas fabrics and used a bunch of fabric I've had for a while. I kept these super simple; nothing fancy, so they were quick to sew up.

 Still need to add ribbon to most of them but otherwise, all ready for Christmas 2013!


thehomespunheart said...

Those are cute! My mom has made a few of those and I love holding on to one and using it the next year :)

Wendi said...

Great idea! We reuse fabric and store bought gift bag so often we joke if the name tag is for this year or last year!

Karen said...

Those are a great idea!

Rhonda said...

this is a great idea. It is ridiculous how much trash that gift giving generates.

once the bags are made, I am guessing wrapping a gift in one is a lot quicker than using paper, scissors and tape too.