Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pinned It, Made It: Band-Aid Get Well Cards

I pinned this get well card idea a long time ago because they were so cute and hysterical! Recently, I needed a get well card and thought of this which was perfect for the recipient!

Ok, so these could technically be a kid's craft but so funny and I know many adults who would get a kick out of these! So when I got out the supplies to make a card, I made several to add to my card box.

Super fun and simple!

I added some of my own touches such as little stick figure arms and legs and even tried to come up with my own band-aid jokes and puns.

I may not have done so well with the latter. But it was fun!

**This post is part of Pinned It, Made It Monday at Country Girl at Home. 

**My intention was to post this Monday but as you can see that didn't happen! Happy Wednesday everyone!


Wendi said...

Aren't they fun to make? I helped Megan make one of these when her great-grandma was in the hospital. Love your personal touches!

Melanie said...

That is so cute, Mary Ann! You did a great job-I'll have to keep that in mind!
Thanks for sharing it with us!
Hope you're having a great week. :)

Abbie Byers said...

Those are adorable!!!

Rhonda said...

You are right. They are cute and hysterical. I need to make some to have on hand.

Anya Hill said...

Neat, those are cute. I know what i'm going to make my Auntie now instead of just helping out with house chores. Thanks for sharing this