Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Coupon Savings

As I mentioned in this post, I'm making a bit more of an effort to use some coupons again to help me rebuild my pantry without buying everything at regular retail prices.

I had gotten more store coupons from my last trip to Bi-Lo so made a quick trip to see what I could find!

This time I had Baby Boy-who is-not-really-a-baby-anymore (18 months!) with me, so it was important to make the trip quick!

I'm not a fast grocery shopper but taking the littles certainly speeds me up which is a good thing! I like getting it done and going back home!

We picked up a few needed produce items and then these things:

  • Disposable cups-- FREE with $1 store coupon. These are often needed for our Fellowship gatherings.
  • Jug of water--FREE with $1 store coupon. This will be put with our emergency supplies. 
  • Sandwich bags-- 39 cents with $1 store coupon.
  • Shout-- $1.15 with $1 store coupon and 55 cent doubled manu. coupon. This would have been better had I waited for a sale but still a super price for something we use regularly. And now I have an extra for later!
While I really don't have a desire to be a super Coupon Queen, especially right now--there are so many other things I'd rather spend my time on-- using some coupons for needed items really is helpful to the budget!

Do you coupon regularly? What have you gotten for a good price recently?


thehomespunheart said...

I've cut WAY back on couponing, mostly because we aren't buying the paper anymore. But, I'm wondering where you get coupons for Bi-Lo? Those were great deals! :)

Ann Minard said...

I don't coupon and I am always amazed at Couponer's skills!