Friday, September 14, 2012

Recent Frugal Stuff

I always enjoy reading when others post about ways they are being frugal and saving money on a daily basis. So I thought I'd share my own list of ways we've been able to save money recently or use what we already have creatively!

I know most of us are interested in making the most of our dollars and stretching them as far as we can these days. So maybe this will help!

  • A friend gave us some garden veggies: already sliced cucumbers and a couple small tomatoes. I made a Creamy Cucumber Salad with these and served it with lunch 2 days.
  • When folding clean sheets, I noticed the hems on the pillowcases had come loose. A few minutes at the sewing machine and they were mended and should last for a long while. 
  • Made some new snacks using ingredients I usually have on hand. Frozen banana bites and Grapesicles!
  • A roll of brown paper was left here when we moved in. On a  rainy day, I taped a large piece of it to the kitchen floor and let the kiddos color all over it.
  • We received a "Welcome to the neighborhood" coupon pack. Most were not things we would use, but we kept out a coupon for a free haircut which Andy used this week!

  • I've been sewing lots of aprons to sell locally and in my Etsy shop. I've challenged myself to come up with fun fabric combinations using what I have in my stash rather than running to the store to buy more. I've had to get more creative than usual but have come up with some really cute ones, I think! I've done quite a bit and could still sew happily from my stash for quite some time!
  • Used store coupons to get a few needed items for free or nearly free!
  • Marinated some beef in leftover garlic dill pickle juice for a stir fry. Very yummy. I've also been putting cucumber slices in leftover pickle juice to brine for a few days and making my own pickles! Not quite the same as "real" pickles but tasty! This is old-school frugality at its finest; I hate to throw pickle juice away.
  • I've been composting all of our food scraps minus meat and dairy. Since we started our fall garden, I've been digging holes and putting some right into the garden--free fertilizer!

  • Made this cute fall pumpkin with stuff I had on hand then realized that I didn't have a cinnamon stick for the stem. My first thought was when to run to the store to buy some but then my eyes fell to some sticks in the backyard--so I used a stick for the stem instead. Totally free!
  • Our house has a hard time staying cool. But with the little bit cooler weather, we've been able to turn off the ceiling fans! A small savings.Still using the A/C of course but soon we'll be able to turn that off too!
  • I've said no to quite a few purchases resisting the urge to upgrade when I have something at home that works just as well! More money saved plus less clutter! 
What frugal stuff are you up to these days? 

**This post is part of Frugal Fridays over at Life As Mom! 


Kathryn D. Duke said...

great shared ideas and I really love your pumpkin!!!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

thanks for your shared frugal ideas and I really like your pumpkin!!!

Living on Less Money said...

Great ideas! I really liked your pumpkin! :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I'm 'following'!

Rhonda said...

my favorite kind of post! I don't feel so alone when I read other homemakers doing the same sort of things I do.

your pumpkin is very cute- Great thrifty switch to use a stick. I saw a door wreath, maybe in Country Living, also made of jar rings and liked it too.

It finally cooled off here too, so glad!

Anonymous said...

Love your idea for the brown paper on the floor for coloring. This summer I had some brown paper and tacked it to our fence so the kids could paint on it.
Love the canning lid pumpkin, might have to copy it, if you don't mind.
Have a great week.