Monday, August 13, 2012

Rock's DNA

Last spring, we won a free Doggy DNA test from our vet.

Our dog Rock is a mutt or a "mixed breed" as they call them. We always knew he was a Lab mix. And guessed that his other part was Bull Terrier--Pit Bull and/or Staffordshire Terrier.

We as the McFrugals and especially me as Mrs. Super Practical, would never have thought to pay for a test (around $100 value) to find out what exactly his breeds were. I mean, we love him and all... But he is a dog.

But it was a fun win and cool to find out! We finally got around to redeeming our prize a few weeks ago and just got his test results back last week.

What we thought: Labrador Retriever and Bull Terrier (Pit Bull and/ or Staffordshire Terrier) Mix.

What he is: Labrador Retriever and American Staffordshire/ Vizsla Mix.

I'd never heard of the Vizsla breed before this-- a hunting/working dog with Hungarian origin. Very interesting...
Rock with his friend Mason. Rock is the smaller black dog on the left.

We do find it highly amusing that Rock now has "papers" along with Breed Ancestry Certificate with Statement of Authentication!


Eileen said...

Rock is a fine looking dog! I've had miniature bull terriers and one dog that looked like pit bull/American Staffordshire terrier mix. He was the best dog I ever had!

Abbie Byers said...

very interesting!

Melanie said...

Rock is a very handsome boy. :)
I didn't even know there was a dog DNA test (though I'm not surprised!).
Yes, he looks part Lab and part Bull. I think my mother-in-law's dog is part Vizsla. He is a high-strung dog who wants to play ball ALL the time!
We've always had pound puppies and have always been blessed with good ones. We've had Lilly for a few years and our vet said she was probably part collie mixed with something else. A DNA test would be interesting, but I don't think I'm going to pay to have one done!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week! :)

Mom2fur said...

You were pretty close! But the addition of Viszla in his ancestry makes your cute doggie all the more awesome!

Rhonda said...

he is a good looking dog! hope that "pit" part does not scare you, American Staffordshire dogs can be just wonderful.
I would of guessed that was his breed from looking at his face. My son was an Animal Welfare officer for 7 years and I learned so much about pets from him.