Monday, July 02, 2012

How Not To Be A Good Host

We've been dog-sitting for a friend this week and while the two are getting along quite well, our dog Rock is guest posting today to teach us what a good host does NOT do!

1. Follow your guest everywhere even after you've been properly introduced. If your guest fails to notice you right behind him, move up and get in his face. He'll notice you then. And growl.

2. Eat your guest's food. Just push yourself over to your guest's bowl and help yourself. And while you're at it, why not drink his water too! But snap your guest's ear off if he goes near your bowl.

3. Sleep on your guest's bed. Even though your bed is only 2 feet away. Every guest feels right at home when he has to sleep on the floor in spite of bringing his own bed!

The End

 In spite of Rock's manners, a good time was had by all! The kids especially loved playing with Mason who is a champion Fetch player!

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Katie said...

Thanks for the tips, Rock!

You are so cute, Mary Ann. :o)