Monday, July 09, 2012

Our New Ride

After years of thriving as a one car family, we've once again added a second vehicle.

We opted for a van this time as we could use something bigger--we haul a lot of stuff around for business and personal use, have a large dog and often have kids here with us. We had our eyes on  crossover type vehicles such as the Chrysler Pacifica for a long time and even looked at a station wagon or two but in the end went with a van that we were able to get at an amazing price!

I think we'll really like it!  And we were able to pay cash this time around.

Thank you, Lord!

1 comment:

Wendi said...

Sweet! I have my eye out for a van. Like you I want to pay cash for it. It will be a while, buy so worth it when I don't have a car payment. Enjoy your new ride!