Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mailbox Facelift

Anyone who has ever purchased a home knows that with home ownership usually comes repairs and a myriad of projects.

Trying to resist the urge to update and tackle everything all at once, we started making a home project list when we moved in. Now we can look at the list and decide on the next thing we want to do. This is also a great way to intersperse the bigger and more expensive projects between the smaller, low-budget ones.

One of the low-budget projects on our list was to paint the mailbox. It was all rusty. At first we thought we'd just replace it, but in the interest of making do and saving some cash, we went with trying a paint job first.

This was a super easy and quick job. Honestly, the more difficult part was getting the old numbers and name stickers off the mailbox!

To get the stickers off, I tried this method first, which worked somewhat but after about the 3rd application and only about half-way done, I got impatient and pulled out the razor blade. The razor blade was much faster and seemed more effective plus with the old rusty mailbox, I wasn't that worried about damage!

Spray painting went quickly. I used my favorite Krylon Fusion spray paint. I did branch out from my typical black and purchased a red can for this project. There are lots of black mailboxes in our neighborhood so I thought red would be nice and different. Besides, I have painting the front door and shutters red on the project list for the future.... And I just might have some ideas for using some more of that red paint!

There are a few smudges of black on the red which happened when I painted the flag black. So it's not perfect. I may or may not fix them. But overall, I'm super pleased with our low-budget mailbox facelift!


Abbie Byers said...

It looks awesome, good job. I love the red!

Melanie said...

Great job, Mary Ann. I like the color! Such a good feeling to make an improvement for very little money.
Hope you're having a good week. :)

Bevy said...

Nice!! and now there is no excuse for *new* folks to find your home after giving directions. "Just look for the RED mailbox! You can't miss it." (smile!)

Anonymous said...

It looks great and you saved money....A win, win situation!!

I have to say though, to me, it looks almost orange instead of red.