Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trip To The Farmer's Market

The Cherished Dog and I walked to the Farmer's Market this morning.We combined our walk with a trip to get fresh produce and killed two birds with one stone!

After a couple of weeks of eating more restaurant and junk food than usual, fresh fruits and veggies are really appealing to me!

 My noble steed after his two mile walk.


Denise said...

Yummy, the farmers market here is only open on Saturday's and we still are a little behind you regarding fresh produce. Something to look forward to!!

gail said...

he looks like he's saying: MOM! do you have to take my pic now??? i'm all hot and sweaty after my walk =)

Mary Ann said...


This small farmer's market is open 4 mornings a week. There's usually only 4-5 vendors tops, but over the years I've gotten yummy produce there. It's the same farmers every year, pretty much. And it's completely local and a grower's market -nothing shipped or trucked in from anywhere else. There is a larger market about 30 minutes away that's open on Saturday and we'll occasionally visit that one. They have everything there!

Gail- He's a good sport.:-)